Hampi- Travelling back in time

Hampi- Travelling back in time

It was in January that we along with our crew were able to have a glimpse of this beautiful place. Hampi is a historical significance in northern Karnataka and is a UNESCO heritage site. It has many historical significant places on its edges. But, our journey started with Daroji. It is a place where you would be able to meet Sloth bears. Other animals that could be found here are Leopard, Hyena, Jackals, Indian Wild Boar, Indian Procupine, Monitor Lizard, Mongoose, Pangolins, Star tortoise and many others. We started from Bangalore at about 22:00 hrs and reached Hampi early morning. We checked in to rooms for our team at the nearby place. None of was ready to hit the area very soon. Road Journey had tired some of us, so we took some rest and a heavy lunch and started with our search for animal at about 13:00 hrs.  We started our safari in two different teams. Our main attraction was for sloth bears but we also wanted to meet birds in the area. So a separate team hired a jeep and they went in search for birds and luckily they encountered sights of Wagtails, Lapwing and Parakeets.

The other team that was with me we went to sanctuary for sight of Sloth Bears. It was about dusk and was getting dark when we reached the sanctuary. It was not allowed generally to get close to hillock to see sloth bears. We took special permissions from authority and as expected our friends appeared on expected time. We spent quite a while waiting and viewing them. And we got some great pictures of them.

After spending some time there with them and taking a variety of pictures up to my satisfaction we returned to our lodgings. There were campfire and dinner arrangements made for us. We enjoyed dinner and shared our experiences and retired to bed for the day. It was a long day after all. 

Next morning we started our day with village Hampi.  It is located within ruins of the city Vijayanagara. Vijayanagara used to be former capital of Vijayanagara Empire. You could just imagine how a royal city would be from its rich ruins that are still a center of attraction. The geographical location of Hampi defences it from three sides with hills and one side it is bound by Tungabhadra River. This gives Hampi a geographical advantage. 

Hampi Village: 

Our local tour guide was a nice person and he kept on reminding us of the historic facts that we studied in school times about Hampi. Our guide was telling us the stories of Vijayanagara Empire and its rulers. This place was destroyed by Muslim Sultanates in year 1565 after the battle of Tallikota. The ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as the Group of Monuments at Hampi. We moved to the Vittala temple that was situated in the village. It was a beautiful site with carved sculptures and its surrounding green planes, the steep boulder hills, and the extravaganza of stone architecture. This place was very different from other monuments in the structure designs and the carvings done on them. The designs, sights and the craft was attractive enough to lure any photography fanatic. The same happened to me. I was lost in capturing this beauty on my cam. There are other religious temples that are used till the day in the area like Virupaksha temple in the area. But Vittala is different and important from all the other ones. Vijayanagara Empire is believed to be a huge empire. This empire had a huge army comprising of 1 million men in it. 

Vittala Temple: 

Discussing back to Vittala Temple this temple is built in the form of sprawling campus with compound walls and gateway towers. There are many halls, pavilions and temples located inside this temple. There are many gates and towers in this temple. Few of the noteworthy spots in the temple were as follows:

Talarigatta Gate:

This is amongst the main entry points in the capital city from river side. Talarigatta is a Kannada word which means a toll gate. This may be would have been its original purpose when built. It has been damaged a lot over the years. 


Pushkarini is the famous well that has received its fame for being such a beautiful place. It is octagonal stepped pond. By now it is prominent in many Hindi and Tamil movies. It was indeed a magnificent site. 

Stone Chariot: 

This is an architectural masterpiece. It is a shrine in form of chariot. It is built with many giant granite blocks. The crafting of the chariot is smartly done that it hides the joints in the clocks making it appear monolithic. Many people would quote it monolithic but in reality it a smart work of architecture. This makes it a special attention in the compound. 

Virupaksha Temple: 

After completing our tour with Vittala temple we visited Virupaksha temple. This is a religious importance place. It is believed to be in existence before the Vijayanagara Empire. It is a Shiva temple in the form of Virupakhsa according to the mythology. Apart from this it had a group of foreigners and western audience in ample to attract. I got some pictures form the group and tried street photography for the first time. It was a nice experience to try with. 

After this place we had on our list the Lotus Mahal and Elephant stables. All these places gave us beautiful frames to capture. We were getting late and had to rush back at our resorts to start our journey for Bangalore. This journey indeed had great pictures for me in store. 

But if asked honestly I feel that 2 days were not enough to visit the place. I have decided that I would revisit the place and complete my journey to Hampi. 

Anjaneya Hill: 

Anjaneya hill is believed to be the birth place of lord hanuman. It is situated on the Gangvathi Taluk in the Koppal district of Karanataka India. This place is not just believed to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman but there are descriptions of this in ancient texts of Ramayana. This place is very significant and is always related to Lord Hanuman. This place has got its significance in Ramayana because of two reasons one is birth of lord Hanuman and second is because of the Kishkindha. It is believed to be oldest of all the places and dynasties found in India. This place is four hundred billion years old according to the geologists. This is the place where Lord Hanuman is believed to have spent most of his childhood. It is a great place to visit and especially the Hanuman temple on the Hill. One can see a lot of monkey’s here. Not just that one should also be a little careful of their friends on the hill. One can easily see top view of Hampi from this place. This hill has many facets that are unknown to all of us. It has got remains of Kishkindha dynasty and ruins of its fort. Those who are aware about Ramayana I do not need to explain them importance of this place at all. Also the remains found at this place are much older than the Vijayangara dynasty ruins found here. It is also the biggest proof of the fact that the story of Ramayana is not just mythical but there are facts related to it. And also there may be once upon a time these characters existed in real life. This was interesting for me to know. But what were more interesting for me were the pictures of the surrounding places and the place itself. I know I am getting a bit selfish and just interested in my pictures but once if you visit this place you would understand why I could not keep myself from taking the pictures. 

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